Photo: Mike Turner

If you'd like to hear more about previous walks, you can listen to me and presenter Caz Graham taking a shorewalk together for BBC Radio4's Open Country.

This year, 2019, I will not be guiding any low-tide walks -

- BUT, as in 2018, I will be running a creative writing  day (fiction and non-fiction) about saltmarshes - for Cumbria Wildlife Trust at RSPB Campfield on the Upper Solway - on Saturday June 8th, 10am-4pm. We'll spend time out on the saltmarsh, and then indoors in the Solway Wetlands Centre.

It will be a 'non-threatening' and, hopefully, thought- and word-provoking day, for aspiring and active writers. Full details and explanation are on my Solway Shore-walker blog and booking details will soon be on CWT's 'Events' pages and in their 'What's On!' booklet.

Please do contact me - using the contact form on this website - for more information.

As for shorewalks and tides: you can find tidal information from TideTimes website, and Laver's Liverpool Tide Table (with corrections for BST and Silloth). Note that heights also vary depending on weather, wind and atmospheric pressure.

And if you'd like to know more about why the Solway's best low tides are always at fairly unsociable hours, there's an explanation on my blog.