Rough seas at Dubmill Point (My thanks to David Stephenson for this image.)

So much of what happens along the Solway coast is interlinked: coal-miners with basking-sharks, initials carved in a cliff with quarried sandstone sent to America, cattle grazing the salt-marshes with ships carrying molasses, Lockheed Hudson bombers with longshore drift, wind-power with shifting sands ... 

Some of these 'stories' were written several years ago and have been updated - with additional material either here or on my Solway Shore-walker blog; other stories are new; and there will be more stories to tell.

Dubmill Point on a quiet day. (My thanks to Alan Sawyer for this image.)

So many people have been very generous with their time and help, whether in talking to me, lending me photos, taking me out in boats or on the marshes or even, in one case, providing a delicious birthday tea. My sincere thanks to everyone concerned.