Welcome to Solway Shore Stories, where I hope you will enjoy discovering more about the Solway Firth, the extraordinary stretch of water that both divides and unites the South-West corner of Scotland and the North-West corner of England.

Its scenery and seascape are unique and beautiful, and the sea and its shores have been and still are 'worked' and enjoyed in many different ways — from fishing and undersea mining, to wild-fowling and peat-cutting, to quarrying stone or trapping the wind.

Here you can read about places and people, browse the many photographs — or find details of my shore-walks.

Some of these 'stories' were written several years ago, but I update them where possible - either here or on my Solway Shore-Walker blog - and I've indicated this for each story.

There are lots of other short topical posts about the Firth on the blog, and links and more photos and information on Twitter and Facebook.

Ann Lingard


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